UK Right of Abode

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UK Right of Abode

The UK Right of Abode provision enables an individual to live and work in the UK without any restrictions.

  • There is limit on individuals immigrating to the UK via this road.

Commonwealth citizens qualify under the following circumstances:

  • A UK passport which describes Applicants as a British citizen or as a citizen of the UK and Colonies.
  • A foreign or Commonwealth passport which contains a certificate of entitlement.
  • If applicants were born before January 1st 1983 and have a parent who was born in Great Britain.
  • If applicants are a Commonwealth woman and married a person before January 1st 1983 in one of the above categories.

The Certificate of Entitlement to the Right of Abode in the UK entitles you to live and work in the UK without restriction. British Citizens have this right, but may need to claim it specifically (especially if you have just naturalized). Some Commonwealth citizens also have the Right of Abode, but others can’t claim it.

Holders of the Certificate of Entitlement can enter and leave the country without needing to submit information or gain visas from immigration control and can use British passport holder gates at UK ports and airports. Dual citizens are entitled to a stamp in their foreign passports, which will enable holders to enter the country without hindrance as though they were British Citizens.

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