Business Visit Visa

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Business Visit Visa

The business visitor category is for people who work abroad but intend to visit the UK for a short time to do business on their own or their employer’s behalf. Business visitors includes those coming for short visits as:

  • Academic visitors
  • Visiting professors
  • Teachers accompanying students
  • Film crews
  • Representatives of overseas news media
  • Religious workers
  • Advisers, consultants, internal auditors, trainers or trouble shooters

Those doing one-off training, and Those doing one or more activities specified in the business visitor rules. The Immigration Rules also include Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test and doctors or dentists on clinical attachment in the definition of ‘business visitors’.

A Business Visitor Visa can be arranged for a single entry or for numerous entries into the UK that is valid for 2 years. This means that there is no need for constant renewals every time a trip to the UK is needed for business purposes. Business Visitor Visas can also be used by Artists who entering the UK to attend interviews or to promote work such as a book or a film without needing to apply for any further permits to work.

In all-purpose, you must demonstrate:

  • visit the UK for no more than six months;
  • leave the UK at the end of your visit;
  • Money to support yourself during your stay in the UK without working or needing help from public funds.
  • Not intend to take paid or unpaid employment.

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