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UK Appeals

Please note that all material and information in relative to UK Visas can be established on authorised UK Government website and applicants can also take the route of applying individually.

Disclaimer – Visawise Consultants is not affiliated with any governmental organisation and you can get the same service for free by applying yourself via the government website.

Visawise Consultants is not affiliated with any government organisations and all caseworkers are extremely experts and knowledgeable in the essential migration solutions.

Are you having issues with your visa application? Do not worry Visawise Consultants experts are at hand to assist with your entire application process. Why wait today You may be able to appeal today! Visawise Immigration Service panel will instruct regulated case managers to view, implement and plan a path to process your application

Our panel of Immigration Experts have responded to many clients on immigration appeal cases. Cases so complex and in depth but have helped with great results. If you have an issue or a problem does not hesitate to call now on Visawise immigration hotline.

Visawise Consultants can help with the below and much more:

  • Human Rights Appeals
  • Spouse Visa Appeal
  • Civil Partnership Visa Appeal
  • Fiancé/ Fiancée Visa Appeal
  • Family Visitor Visa Appeal
  • Unmarried Partner Visa Appeal
  • Dependent Visa Appeal
  • EEA Family members appeal.

If the Home Office declines your visa application an appeal form and guidance transcripts will be sent to you with their verdict.

Appeals to be handed in from within the United Kingdom form IAFT-5 must be completed. For appeals to be handed in from outside the United Kingdom in Entry Clearance cases form IAFT6 must be completed. 

All official papers and documents in other languages must be translated into English, signed by the translator to certify that the translation is precise, correct and the translation attached to the original document. Applicants will be advised by Visawise Consultants to make copies of the completed form and all documents that support your appeal, Visawise Consultants instructs applicants to keep all original documents and send copies with the completed form.

Time limits for submitting an appeal

Applicants based in the United Kingdom:

If you are not in detention – within 14 days from the date of notice of decision.

You will receive the notice of decision by post two days after the date the decision is made.

Applicants outside the United Kingdom:

Your appeal form must reach to the Immigration Tribunal within 28 calendar days from the day you received the notice of decision given by the British High Commission overseas (In case of Entry Clearance Appeals).

If your appeal does not reach the authorities by the required date, you must explain why you were not able to submit it in time. The reasons will then be assessed to decide whether there are special circumstances that allow your appeal to proceed.

Visawise Immigration will assist clients with all UK Appeals. Call our experts today for a free initial assessment, Call our experts on +92-3444460000 and discuss your options in more detail.